Friday, October 13, 2006

Who couldn't use a little Justin?

We received a note home from school last week that said J closes her eyes when reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. As she has had an almost rabid obsession with flags for more than a year now, I see it as only fitting that she would hold sacred this oath of patriotism.

The note reminded me that her syllabus (for 2K - six kids in the class and a syllabus from each of her teachers (classroom/Spanish/music/PE) that tells me what songs they are singing, colors and shapes they are learning, exercises they are doing, etc., on a weekly/monthly basis - I love this school) indicated the class would be reciting the Pledge everyday, so I decided to quiz J to see how much of it she had learned. She got the last word or two of every line, with a very serious emphasis on "under God."

But this was hands down my favorite line:

Me: With liberty and...

J: Justin for all!

Boy band fans everywhere are shouting "Amen!"

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